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Featured Artist Today: Esperanza Spalding

She sings like a an angel. And what a way to own up a song covered by so many music artists in a great Louis Armstrong song “What A Wonderful World” backed up by Southern California Children’s Choir. To those who didn’t know who she is, Esperanza Spalding is a Grammy Award winning jazz bassist and singer, the first jazz artist to have won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2011.  She started at the young age of five, self-taught in violin and a member of the Chamber Music Society of Oregon until she was fifteen years old. To her credit, she is a multi-instrumentalist playing oboe and clarinet among others.

Esperanza Spalding at her momentous performance at 84th Academy Awards 2012

Spalding grew up filled with many musical influences from her family, from her neighborhood and from her school. She eventually became a full scholar at Berklee College of Music, where she honed her craft playing bass under the able tutelage of world class jazz musicians and music instructors. In 2005, she received the Boston Jazz Society scholarship for outstanding musicianship. Upon her graduation, she has been hired by Berklee College of Music to become one of their youngest music professors in the institution’s history at age 20.

Spalding’s exquisite voice, almost dreamlike, and its sublime quietness is adored by her peers which in 2008, she was being heralded as one of the greatest new talents in jazz scene today. She is also said to be the best-selling contemporary jazz artist for the year 2011. She already had three albums at her helm namely; Junjo, Esperanza and Chamber Music Society which the latter has made jazz composition accessible to music fans alike.  Chamber Music Society became the best-selling contemporary jazz album of 2011. Her upcoming album aptly titled “Radio Music Society” is highly anticipated to repeat the success of its predecessors.

Spalding’s exposure to recent media gatherings such like Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies honoring its 2009 Laureate US President Barack Obama and more recently singing at 84th Academy Awards in its In Memoriam section made her music presence prominent and felt accross the globe. Spalding cites her musical influences Ron Carter and Dave Holland, notable musicians,  for musical orchestration and musical composition. She also noted that her music is deeply rooted to the music of Brazil.


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3 responses to “Featured Artist Today: Esperanza Spalding

  1. Amazing talent. Such passion both vocally and on bass. Wonderful to see! Thanks for the intro!



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